Gremsy Gimbal w/Sony A7

Supported Gimbals

Currently, we support the following Gimbals from Gremsy

Sony Alpha a7R IV


To utilize the Sony a7R IV camera with Skynode, you must first enable the PC Remote Function feature on the camera.

  1. Exit the dialog by pressing the MENU button.

Still under "Controls", select "Mavlink", this time select YES when prompted to enable MAVLink input

Power on Skynode, connect to it via USB-C and change the following parameters using Auterion Mission Control's Advanced mode

  1. MAV_2_CONFIG = 401 (PPB)

  2. MAV_2_MODE = 10 (Gimbal)

  3. SER_PPB_BAUD = 115200

  4. MAV_2_FORWARD = 1

  5. MAV_S_FORWARD = 1

  6. MNT_MODE_IN = 4 (MAVLink Gimbal v2)

  7. reboot

  8. refresh parameters or restart AMC

  9. MNT_MODE_OUT = 2 (MAVLink Gimbal v2)

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