Transfer Mission Plan and KML Files with Herelink

Options for importing/exporting plans

  • Mission import/export: AMC’s .plan files can be imported and exported. This is useful for creating missions on a computer and then importing them all to the Controller simultaneously.

  • KML import: KML files can be imported to AMC. This is useful for creating mission shape definitions in some software and then importing them all to Herelink simultaneously.

    Important Note on importing:

    • Zoom in to the maximum level, then create a random survey shape. If you don’t zoom in, the survey shape could be very large and could crash AMC

    • Then click “import KML” on the right toolbar

    • The survey shape will automatically change to the data defined in the KML import

  • KML export: This is useful for exporting waypoints outside AMC. You won’t be able to import them back as KML since these are waypoints and not a shape definition.

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