How Remote ID works

Broadcast Method

The current Remote ID implementation in AuterionOS on Skynode is using the WiFi Beacon transmission method, where Remote ID information is embedded into WiFi Beacon frames. Every device that scans for WiFi networks and is within range therefore has access to the drone's Remote ID information.

Remote ID Data

AuterionOS streams the basic ID message, aircraft location and system message from the GCS in every WiFi Beacon frame. More specifically, the frames contain:

  • GCS Information:

    • Latitude and Longitude of the GCS

    • Geometric altitude of the GCS

  • Vehicle information:

    • Vehicle serial number or session ID

    • Latitude and Longitude of the vehicle

    • Geometric altitude of the vehicle

    • Velocity of the vehicle expressed as

      • Track direction

      • Horizontal and vertical speed

  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) timestamp of this data

  • Operational or emergency status of the vehicle

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