USB Formating

  • The Aurora Map ships with this USB-C flash drive.

  • We recommend a USB 3.1 drive with a write speed above 50 mb/s.

USB Setup

The USB flash drive will be formatted to ensure compatibility with Aurora. However, if you face any problems or wish to use another USB flash drive, you can format it using the following instructions.

Formatting the USB Drive


  • Open Disk Utilities and click on the flash drive in the sidebar.

  • Select the Erase option at the top of the window.


  • Open This PC to show all connected drives.

  • Locate the USB drive you want to use with Aurora, right-click on the image, and select "Format...". A small window should open.

  • Select ExFat under the File System dropdown and click Start.

  • Once that completes, right-click on the USB drive in This PC again and select Eject

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