Getting Started

1. Unboxing the Aurora

It's crucial to push down the boom lock all the way to ensure the booms don't open during the flight, which could lead to a crash. So, make sure to double-check the lock before flying!

2. Connecting your Aurora to the Internet

Connecting the Aurora to the internet allows you to connect to the Auterion Suite, load maps, download software updates, and communicate with your drone.

Connect your aircraft to a wifi network to ensure your drone is always connected to the Suite after a day of flying. To connect your Aurora to the wifi:

  1. Open AMC Herelink or PC. If using a PC, connect to Aurora with a USB-C cable.

  2. Power Aurora.

  3. Tap the icon in the top-left of AMC. Navigate to Vehicle Setup > WiFi

  4. Select Station mode, which allows Aurora to connect to another wifi network.

  5. Enter the login credentials for your wifi access point.

  6. Remote ID will need to have the WIFI disabled.

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