User Account

Inviting new users, and supporting existing ones

Invite Users

  1. As an Administrator, click "Invite users"

  2. Enter the email(s) to invite, and set their default group

  3. Click "Send invites"

  4. Users will be sent an invite that must be accepted to use the Suite

  5. Once an invite is accepted the user will be shown in the user list, and will be considered towards plan seats

Accept an invite

  1. Locate the invitation email:

    • Sender:

    • Subject line: (similar to) "You have been invited to company <Company Name> at Auterion Suite"

  2. Click Create Account in the email to open the account creation form

  3. Complete the account creation form and submit

  4. Log into the Suite


Groups (roles) are displayed on the user entry, along with their email address and name. To edit a user's groups:

  1. Select the "Change groups" button on the user record

  2. Select all the required permissions

  3. Click Save

Users can only upgrade another users's permissions to their own level.


User accounts can be activated or deactivated by finding the account under the proper tab and selecting the action from the available actions.

To deactivate a user:

  1. Select the active tab

  2. Find the user

  3. Click "Deactivate"

  4. Confirm the action

User activation (after having been previously deactivated) is the same.

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