Disclaimer and Warning

Before using the Aurora, please carefully read this disclaimer and warning, and review the Aurora Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM). If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. You can find the most updated version of the manual on the Aurora Support Page. By using the Aurora, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this disclaimer. You are solely responsible for your conduct while using the Aurora and for any direct or indirect consequences that may result from its use. Please comply with local and airspace rules and regulations and use the Aurora only for appropriate purposes. Please note that the Aurora is not a toy and must be operated with extreme care. Improper operation can cause damage to property, serious personal injury, or even death. As a complex and technical machine, novice pilots should take sufficient time to practice on a flight simulator and receive training from an experienced pilot before operating the Aurora. Please remember that the Aurora Aircraft Flight Manual and a flight simulator cannot replace training with an experienced pilot, especially when it comes to safely operating the Aurora. Novice pilots should never fly without the supervision of an experienced pilot.
Always thoroughly check the Aurora and its components before each operation. Maintain a safe distance from the Aurora when it is in use.
  • Never attempt to touch the Aurora when the propellers are moving.
  • Do not fly the Aurora over or around people, power lines, or other aircraft.
  • Avoid using propellers that have visible imperfections or damage.
  • Always keep children and animals at a safe distance from the Aurora when it is in use or when making changes to its configuration.
  • Only use propellers provided by Camflite, specifically designed for use with the Aurora.
It is important to prioritize safety when updating Aurora's configuration. To prevent any accidental motor starts and resulting propeller strikes, always remove the propellers or power the Aurora with a low-power source. Additionally, don't forget to remove the configuration jumper when making changes. Before each flight, it is crucial to test the Aurora without the propellers to ensure that the motors are spinning in the correct direction and that the motor assignment corresponds with the Autopilot flight controller. Any inconsistencies in motor direction or assignment can cause the Aurora to become uncontrollable and dangerous. As the operator, it is your responsibility to perform a thorough system check on the Aurora before every flight and to learn how to operate it safely. Please follow all relevant rules and regulations to ensure safe and successful flights.
Fly at your own risk.
The Aurora is a tuned system with custom components chosen for each application. Modifying, removing, or substituting Aurora components will void the warranty and can lead to unsafe operating conditions.

Limitations of Liability:

Please note that Camflite cannot be held accountable for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, or special damages that may result from the use of Aurora, including loss of data, use, or profits. This applies under any theory of liability, even if Camflite has been informed of the possibility of such damages. Camflite's liability for a product, whether it is a contract or tort claim or otherwise, will not exceed the amount paid to Camflite for that product. In any circumstance, Camflite's liability for all claims associated with this agreement will not exceed the amount paid by the purchaser to Camflite for the product over the last 12 months. Please note that Camflite will not be responsible for the cost of acquiring substitute goods by the purchaser. These restrictions apply to all liabilities resulting from third-party claims against the buyer and are valid regardless of the limited remedy's essential purpose.
Camflite shall not be liable for damages or injuries directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the Aurora, including but not limited to the following situations:
Failure of the operator to follow proper instructions and safety warnings is found at
  • Failure of the operator to understand and operate the aircraft within the operating limitations described in this manual.
  • Failure of the operator to follow onboard safety warnings while using the Aurora.
  • Failure of the operator to follow and comply with local rules and regulations.
  • Failure of the operator to follow and comply with local communications law.
  • Failure of the operator to inspect the Aurora and its components before operation.
  • Failure of the operator to properly maintain and service the Aurora through an authorized Camflite Service Center using genuine Aurora parts.
  • Use of third-party products on the Aurora.
  • Use of the Aurora while physically or mentally impaired. Use of the Aurora without sufficient training.
  • Use of the Aurora in unsafe conditions, including but not limited to bad or severe weather (rain, wind, snow, lightning, dust storms, etc.) or areas with magnetic or radio interference (power stations, broadcasting, and cell phone towers, the government prohibited airspace, etc.).
  • Improper operation, misjudgment, or risky behavior while using the Aurora.
  • Infringement of third-party data, audio, or video rights recorded when using the Aurora.
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